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Dr Callum Cowan

Dr. Callum

Elite Athletes ND and Elite Wellness ND
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Dr. Cowan ND is a Board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and leading authority and practitioner of high performance medicine who is most recognized for his work with professional athletes both nationally and internationally. His approach focuses on maximizing the health of his patients to get them feeling amazing, performing phenomenally and maintaining optimal health to prevent the occurrence of illness and injury.

Kendall Stampel

Fitness, Mindset and Motivation Expert
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Kendall Strampel is a full time online coach and peanut butter connoisseur. Her last few years have been a wild ride, after recovering from an eating disorder at age 17 Kendall found passion in health and fitness and went on to get 7 certifications in training and nutrition. She is also very passionate about mental health and works hard to bring more awareness in the fitness industry.



Claudia Gadelha

Working Out with SC Beauty Product: Meet our favourite MMA fighter and  natural beauty Claudia Gadelha. Claudia needs a quick and natural make up line that takes her less than 5 mins to apply before her morning workout. In this video series Claudia will take us through her routine and show us how she finds […]

Women in Sports Series:

The Evolutionary Trends We Must Not take for Granted Women in sports have witnessed tremendous advancements in the past few decades. Progress recorded in the area could be attributed to benefits derived from Civil Rights era of the 60s when discriminatory laws that restricted women participation in work places and sports began to fall apart. […]

Women in Sports Series:

Why Participation in Sports is Important? Sports encompass every aspect of our lives. For us to be healthy, physicians and sports experts’ advice that we need physical exercise and live long life. Apart from these attributes, sports also enables us to build friendships, learn team work, set goals and get things done, cope with setbacks […]

Kerri Walsh Jennings

KT Tape The US Olympic Committee and KT Tape introduce "Working out with Team USA". The series follows six athletes' Olympic journey. Meet Gold Medalist - Kerri Walsh Jennings Kerri uses KT Pro Tape