Welcome to Sarah Caroline!  I am  ALWAYS hearing the same thing over and over from women. — There is not enough support for active women OR female athletes.

As Founder of Sarah Caroline and a lifetime athlete, at 37 I am still very active – playing modified slo pitch in full catching gear, working out 4-5 times a week and playing volleyball year around. For 10 years I battled inflammation and water retention until I met Dr Callum (ask the Expert Page) who has changed my life! As I got older I needed and wanted to tell my story AND get/give more access to great brands and products that would help me live my BEST active life.

That is why Sarah Caroline was born, we originally started as just a sweat resistant beauty brand as I always love a little coverage and knowing that when I leave work to workout or play ball I will always look flawless PLUS I have a lot of people compliment me on my skin so I wanted to share the products that I use because I know there are others that feel the same. Then as I started looking for other products that could support me in my journey I had trouble finding one place, or one site that I could search indie brands coming up with amazing products.

Sarah Caroline is that community! In our research we found that out of 100 websites for women (forbes.com) there is not one website that celebrates active women. Sure there are a few sites that give you the how, what and the why – the tools but not the trusted supportive place we have created.

Sarah Caroline gives you access to products that help you live your BEST active life so you feel stronger, healthier AND look amazing! We are adding new products every week PLUS we have an ask the Expert Page where you can ask questions to some of the TOP Experts in the industry from Naturopathic Medicine to Mindset & Motivation to Skin Care/ Beauty experts.

Get the products, the advice AND the routines that TOP athletes use to live their BEST active life. Sarah Caroline brings together THE best brands, THE best products, the BEST Experts so we can work hard during the day and then go play harder at the gym or on the field all while KNOWING that we look AND feel good every step of the way.

We have created a space that you can trust, a place to feel celebrated as a kick ass active female and have access to everything you need to lead a healthy active lifestyle. With your help we are encouraging all generations to be active, confident and to reach for the stars. We are celebrating women that empower others on our social media, in our communities, and that give back to organizations. #womensupportingwomen