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  • Sunscreen 4 oz with Vitamin D

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Waxhead believes humans were built to thrive in the sun. Our best memories are outside in warm, cheerful sunshine. But today’s world has gone inside — filled with trans-fats, chemicals and caution. Junk in our foods, sunscreens and modern lifestyles have made it ever harder for us to enjoy life outdoors like we used to. Waxhead was born to help us venture back out — into the sunshine.

We realized the sunscreens we’d always used, ones we’d wrongly assumed were safe, contained toxins that seeped into our blood streams and altered hormones. And those chemicals were leeching into our oceans and damaging coastal habitats and reefs.

So we set out to create a line of fully healthy sunscreens, ones that safely protected skin, and wouldn’t harm our waters and marine life. The result is a group of exceptional zinc oxide sunscreens that are the safest, most effective sunscreens you’ll find anywhere.